Spotlight: HKN

Legend holds that an ancient Greek philosopher discovered static electricity when he rubbed cloth on […]

Spotted: In the labs of Soda Hall….

There sure are some talented artists lurking in the labs of Soda Hall…. Photo Courtesy […]

Occuhunt streamlines and digitizes career fairs

  “We want the application process to be very transparent,” Computer Science freshman Sidwyn Koh […]

Summary of “Breeding the tech elite” and responses

Second year Engineering Physics major Kunal Marwaha compiled a document named “Daily Cal + Responses tl;dr” in […]

Opinion: A Response to “Breeding the tech elite” from Sarah Kim

This post was largely motivated by Libby Rainey’s Daily Californian article entitled “Breeding the tech […]

Opinion: A Response to ‘Breeding the tech elite’ from Anthony Sutardja

Libby Rainey from The Daily Californian wrote a rather opinionated article about her “violent” experience with a […]

Ivan Poupyrev to speak at EECS colloquium

EECS Department Colloquium Series Computational Reality Wednesday, February 5, 2014 306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium) […]

Wearhaus: listen together wirelessly

When Nelson called Richie telling him that they had been accepted into the hardware incubator […]

Females in computer science at Cal

This infographic by Play-i. (Play-i is creating a programmable robot that teaches computer science to […]