Suggested Courses for Spring 2014

Thanks to Berkeley Innovation for collaborating with us on this list!

Design Classes Offered for Spring 2014:

  • Architecture 24: Design Thinking and the Design Professions
  • City and Regional Planning c240: Theories of Urban Form and Design, Macdonald
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering 112: Environmental Engineering Design, Hermanowicz
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering 209: Design for Sustainable Communities
  • CS 160: User Interface Design, Hartmann/Agrawala
  • Engineering 28: Basic Engineering Design Graphics
  • Environmental Design 1: People and Environmental Design, de Monchaux
  • Environmental Design 11A: Introduction to Visual Representation and Drawing
  • Environmental Design 11B: Introduction to Design, Plymale
  • IEOR 170: Industrial Design and Human Factors, Goldberg
  • Info 214: Needs and Usability Assessment, Law
  • Info 247: Information Visualization and Presentation, Hearst
  • Info 290: Alternative Visions of Technology, Parikh
  • Info c262: Technologies for Creativity and Learning, Ryokai
  • Landscape Architecture 140: Social and Psychological Factors in Open Space Design
  • ME 110: Introduction to Product Development, Agogino
  • ME298-49: Developmental Engineering: Research in Action
  • New Media 290: Critical Making, Paulos
  • Practice of Art 178: Game Design Methods, Niemeyer
  • Public Health 290-2: Designing Innovative Public Health Solutions: Eat. Think. Design.
  • Theater 174B: Scenography: Costume Design for the Theatre, Smart
  • Theater 178B: Scenography: Scenic Design for the Theatre, Smart
  • UGBA 190T: Innovation and Design Thinking in Business, Kellogg
  • UGIS 82: K-8 Teaching and Inquiry-Based Lesson Design in the Science and Mathematics Classroom
  • {design.} decal

** Take grad classes! They are fun and awesome. You can often get away with phase ii-ing them, too, although sometimes if it’s a small and really popular course you won’t get in. **

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To search for an AC course on is to type in “cultures” in the “Additional Information” field, as some courses that satisfy AC requirements do not have AC appended to the course number, such as History 7B.

If you have a course that you think should be on this list or just have cool courses in general that you think people should take, please e-mail to share the knowledge!

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