Suggested Courses for Fall 2014

These are some courses related to design and innovation in Fall 2014:

  • Architecture 100A: Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  • Architecture 110AC: The Social and Cultural Basis of Design, Cranz
  • Architecture 130: Introduction to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism, Crysler
  • Architecture 229/Art Practice 229/New Media 202: Sensors, Cities Policies/Basic Protocals for New Media
  • City and Regional Planning: Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making
  • Computer Science 160: User Interface Design, Paulos
  • Computer Science 194-901: Visualization for Designers
  • Computer Science 194-902: Intro to Design/Build: Art & Technology
  • Computer Science 194-903: Understanding Product Market Fit: Healthy & Life Sciences
  • Economics c222: Economics of Innovation
  • Electrical Engineering 24: Gadgets Electrical Engineers Make
  • Energy and Resources Group c283/Info c283: Information and Communications Technology for Development
  • Engineering 10: Engineering Design and Analysis
  • Engineering 28: Basic Engineering Design Graphics
  • Engineering 128: Advanced Engineering Design Graphics
  • Environmental Design 1: People and Environmental Design
  • Environmental Design 11B: Introduction to Design
  • Environmental Design 201: Urban Places Advanced Design Studio
  • Environmental Design 251: Discourse and Methods in Contemporary Urban Design
  • IEOR 24: A Short History of Innovation in American Business and Technology
  • IEOR 151: Service Operations Design and Analysis
  • IEOR 190E: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • IEOR 191: Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Info 213: User Interface Design and Development, Parikh
  • Info 225: Managing in Information-Intensive Companies
  • Info 232: Applied Behavioral Economics for Information Systems
  • Info 271B: Quantitative Research Methods for Information Systems and Management
  • Info 272: Qualitative Research Methods for Information Systems and Management
  • Info 290: Sensors, Data, Humans, Apps
  • Info 290A: Information Technology and Identity: The Future of Storytelling
  • Info 290A: Finding Health in the US: Health Care and the Information Economy
  • Info 290M: Information-Centric Entrepreneurship & Startup Strategies
  • International Area Studies 150: Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies: “Climate Change and Agriculture in Latin America”
  • International Area Studies 150: Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies: “Poverty, Technology, and Development”
  • International Area Studies 150: Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies: “Poverty and Social Policy”
  • Landscape Architecture 1o1: Fundamentals in Landscape Design
  • Landscape Architecture 111: Plants in Design
  • Landscape Architecture 120: Topographic Form and Design Technology
  • Landscape Architecture 201: Ecological Factors in Urban Landscape Design
  • Mechanical Engineering 290KA: Innovation through Design Thinking
  • Mechanical Engineering 290KB: Life Cycle Thinking in Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering 290U: Interactive Device Design
  • Music 158: Musical Applications of Computers and Related Technologies
  • New Media c262/Info c262: Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces, Ryokai
  • Nuclear Engineering 24: How it’s Made
  • Practice of Art 26: Moving Image Media Production
  • Practice of Art 163: Social Practice: The Artist in Body & Site
  • Practice of Art 173: Sound Art
  • Practice of Art 177: Digital Video: The Architecture of Time
  • Rhetoric 114: Rhetoric of New Media
  • Sociology 119S: Organizational Strategy and Design: A Sociological Perspective
  • Sociology 121: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Social and Cultural Context
  • Sociology 166: Society and Technology
  • Theater 173A: Scenography: Scenic Design for the Theatre
  • Theater 174A: Scenography: Costume Design for the Theatre
  • Theater 175A: Scenography: Lighting Design for the Theatre
  • Theater 176: Applied Theatrical Design
  • Theater 177: Sound Design and Media Theater
  • Undergraduate Business Administration (UGBA) 190T: Special Topics in Innovation and Design: “Open Innovation and Business Models”, Darwin
  • UGBA 192N: Topics in Non-Profit Management: “Social Entrepreneurship”
  • UGIS 82: K-8 Teaching and Inquiry-Based Lesson Design in the Science and Mathematics Classroom
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** Take grad classes! They are fun and awesome. You can often get away with phase ii-ing them, too, although sometimes if it’s a small and really popular course you won’t get in. **

Where to find other Design Classes/Interesting Classes:


Helpful Resources:
Ninja Courses
Berkeley Time

To search for an AC course on is to type in “cultures” in the “Additional Information” field, as some courses that satisfy AC requirements do not have AC appended to the course number, such as History 7B.

If you have a course that you think should be on this list or just have cool courses in general that you think people should take, please e-mail to share the knowledge!

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