Suggested Courses for Fall 2013

Thanks to Berkeley Innovation for contributing to this list!

Design Classes Offered Fall 2013:

  • CS160 User Interface Design, Paulos
  • CS294 Visualization, Agrawala
  • CS294 Interactive Device Design, Hartmann
  • Info213 User Interface Design and Development, Parikh (like 160 but with less coding)
  • InfoC262/New Media C262 Tangible User Interfaces, Ryokai (like 160 but “tangible” so some arduino projects)
  • (Unfortunately no ME110 in the Fall)
  • ARCH212 Body Conscious Design, Cranz (you learn how to design physical objects in relations to the human body –eg. shoes//chairs//spaces)
  • ARCH110AC Social and Cultural Basis of Design, Cranz (good if you’re looking for an AC class, more like a sociology/ethnography class than an architecture class)

** Take grad classes! They are fun and awesome. You can often get away with phase ii-ing them, too, although sometimes if it’s a small and really popular course you won’t get in. **

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