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This Spring 2015, berkeleyByte is looking for

  • Tech Reporter
  • Design Reporter
  • Culture Reporter
  • Marketing / Finance / Public Relations
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Webmaster

Tech/Design/Culture Reporter:

  • Write an article every two weeks on your area of focus.
    Tech: student startups, hackathons, science and technology research on campus, clubs, latest technologies in industry, review gadgets, profile engineering students and professors, etc.
    Design: new design Institute, designathons, design clubs, design firms in the Bay Area, design courses, design trends, reviews on UI designs,  profiles on student designers, etc. 
    Culture: poetry slams, plays, movies, food (we have a section called “Nibbles and Bites”), art, etc.
  • Pitch and discuss story ideas to the editorial staff.
  • Attend events related to your area of focus and become well versed in current events and happenings in the field.
  • Work with editors to edit and revise.
  • Talk to amazing people working on amazing things.

Marketing / Finance / Public Relations:

  • Manage berkeleyByte’s social media presence and increase our presence on various platforms.
  • Plan panel discussions and related events in which students can interact with selected speakers.
  • Manage berkeleyByte’s finances and look for ways to increase sponsorship.
  • Devise ideas and on how to increase readership and revenue for the site and execute these ideas.

Photographer / Videographer:

  • Work with writers and editors on taking pictures for articles.
  • Create photo essays and conduct video interviews.
  • Explore ways to incorporate multi-media content for the site.


  • Present and execute ideas for web design and development for our website.
  • Manage berkeleyByte and its Facebook and Twitter.


For all of these positions, past experience is preferred but not necessary. A willingness to learn and play well with others are most crucial. Please note that these positions are unpaid.


berkeleyByte is also always welcome to guest contributors. If you have a piece that you think is relevant to berkeleyByte readers, please email it to berkeleyByte at Please note that not every submission is guaranteed to be published.

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