Design Minor at Cal

Students and faculty are working to develop the design curriculum at Berkeley Engineering and across campus as well as developing a Minor in Design Innovation.

The goal of promoting design innovation on campus, in the words of Paul Jacobs (CEO of Qualcomm and donor of the Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation), is to help people learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams, how to iterate designs rapidly, how to manufacture sustainably, how to combine art and engineering, and how to address global markets.

With that said, we are trying to gather student input on what students would like to have in the design minor, what they would like to learn and what they’ve enjoyed in their educational experiences in general.

Your responses to this survey are valuable to the whole process of creating the minor and will be shared with those who are working on designing the minor. Please feel free to complete as many or as few questions as you wish. Thank you for your time and opinion.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

3 comments on “Design Minor at Cal

  1. JENNIFER HUYNH on said:

    Any updates on the design minor?

    • admin on said:

      As of right now, it looks like the design minor will not be finalized by Fall 2014. More details about what to do to follow in a berkeleyByte post this week.

  2. Cleary Chizmar on said:

    What courses should we take to prepare for this minor? When will it be finalized?

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