Q&A with Sociology PhD candidate Eric Giannella

Eric Giannella is a PhD candidate in the UC Berkeley Sociology Program. He studies personal […]

URL concerts: Music in the Digital Age

In the 2000s, the interaction between music artists and fans was convoluted, with many barriers […]

Nibbles and Bites: Eureka

I’ve wanted to try Eureka, the chic-looking American restaurant on Center street, ever since it […]

Not like the movies: Science and film

I grew up watching a lot of “Star Trek” with my mom. And for all […]

Human rights in tech: Facebook and Twitter weigh in

The “Human Rights in Tech: Diversity, Data Privacy, and Freedom of Speech” panel hosted representatives […]

Cal students’ take on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Interviewees from left to right: Computer Science (CS) senior Michael Ball, Interdisciplinary Studies (ISF) junior […]

Bytten: Kevin

“What class is this for?” “Art 8. [The theme was] self / others. A lot […]

New media: The new frontier for free speech

In 1964, Mario Savio led the fight for free expression of political opinion in public space. […]

Nibbles and Bites: Soul’s Restaurant

The fried chicken dinner includes your choice of meat and 3 sides (pictured: yams, corn, […]