Bytten: Kevin

“What class is this for?” “Art 8. [The theme was] self / others. A lot […]

Bytten: Right Left Up Down

“What do you like most about Cal?” “It can be whatever you want it to […]

Bytten: Friends of the Sahel

  “I really like your dress. Where did you get it from?” “It’s from Senegal.” […]

Bytten: Octocat, Soy Sauce and Sriracha

 Spotted!  Octocat, Soy Sauce and Sriracha at the Inter-societal Engineering Halloween party.

Bytten: Favorite Day

“What did you do on your favorite day?” “I sat at home on the couch. […]

Bytten: Byte vs Bite

  “I’m with a group called berkeleyByte.” “Oh, so did you watch Berkeley bite at […]

Bytten: Nature Study

  “What would you be doing if you weren’t studying for midterms right now?” “I’d […]

Bytten: Child of the 90s

“A lot of the time, I just dress like I’m someone in a movie in […]

Introducing, Bytten

berkeleyByte is pleased to unveil its latest feature—Bytten! Think Humans of New York, Berkeley-style. Get […]