berkeleyByte logoWelcome to berkeleyByte! We are the leading design, innovation, culture and technology news blog at UC Berkeley. We started during the spring of 2012 and aim to bring you what’s bakin’ in design, culture, and technology at Berkeley and beyond. There is so much happening on the Berkeley campus and on the web, yet finding and filtering through all of the information is no easy feat. Through this site, we hope to do the filtering for you, curate what’s going on, and inform people of relevant topics. We will strive to do the best we can.

We feature various campus organizations, student projects and startups, thought-provoking and interesting news articles, events, and random ideas that we think might pique your interest.

We want to build more connections (idea-wise and people-wise), encourage more cross-disciplinary collaboration on campus (e.g., artists working with engineers, engineers working with writers, writers working with scientists, etc.), and expose people to fresh ideas.

Thanks for checking out our site!

Spring 2015 Staff
Alex Greenspan
Alison Ong
Annie Cheng
Brittney Wong
Cecile Basnage
Gavin Chan
Japna Lamba
Larry Zhou
Lily Nguyen
Ryuka Ko
Samika Kumar
Sangeetha Alagappan
Sidney Le
Tobias Brachmann

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