Pixar’s “Monsters University” Inspired by Cal

Concept art for Pixar’s film “Monsters University,” scheduled for release in June 2013, recently surfaced on the web, and hints of Berkeley seep throughout the drawings.  As The Daily Cal reported last September, Pixar visited Cal and other universities, such as Harvard and MIT, for inspiration and research.

Traveling to different places for inspiration and to help build the world in its films is nothing new for Pixar.  For “Brave,” the research team visited Scotland; for “Up,” they journeyed to Venezuela; and for “Ratatouille,” they made a voyage to Paris.  A quite adventurous job, don’t you think?

See if you can spot the similarities between Monsters University and Berkeley below!

Sather Gate?
See the resemblance?
The Campanile?

The Pixar team has also explored close to home, as Carl and Russell from “Up,” go to Fenton’s Creamery (cp. Oakland); and the “Up” house was inspired by houses in the Oakland/Berkeley neighborhoods.

Fenton’s in “Up”
Fenton’s in Oakland

Excited to spot out more local references when “Monsters University” comes out next summer!

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