Free Ventures Spring 2015

These are the teams for UC Berkeley startup accelerator Free Ventures, which helps startups in […]


Q&A with Iris co-founder Shawn Park

Shawn Park is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, designer and co-founder of Iris—a startup […]

Shawn Park

SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell on her career and sending humans to Mars

“Humans should be at least a dual planetary species,” proclaimed Gwynne Shotwell, president and COO of […]

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Q&A with Sociology PhD candidate Eric Giannella

Eric Giannella is a PhD candidate in the UC Berkeley Sociology Program. He studies personal […]

Sociology PhD Candidate Eric Giannella

URL concerts: Music in the Digital Age

In the 2000s, the interaction between music artists and fans was convoluted, with many barriers […]

A screenshot during Sable's set for SPF420's show featuring several Australian artists.

Nibbles and Bites: Eureka

I’ve wanted to try Eureka, the chic-looking American restaurant on Center street, ever since it […]